Journey to the Center of the Earth – Part IV

Welcome back to a series about my recent trip to Iceland. Just tuning in? Start here!

The next day, we set out to tour the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is a 4-6 hour driving loop from Reykjavik to Gullfoss and back again. It is one of the most popular tourist activities due to its scenic beauty. The day started out overcast and foggy, but in true Icelandic fashion, we saw plenty of sunshine, too.



It is no wonder that Iceland has so many stories about trolls–this is exactly the type of landscape you’d expect to see one.

One of our stops was Geysir, or rather, a geyser park where Geysir and other more active geysers can be found. Most of them were relatively quiet, giving off just enough eerie smoke and bubbles to keep you mystified and intrigued. Like the Blue Lagoon, the smell takes some getting used to, but soon enough you barely notice it.


The most active in the area was Strokkur, which we were able to see erupt a number of times during our visit. There is signage posted warning the public to beware of the boiling hot eruptions, which occur about every 6-10 minutes.



Next up, we paid a visit to Gullfoss. There is an upper viewing area as well as a lower viewing area, and we explored both.



It is absolutely awe-inspiring to find yourself in a place of such beauty and isolation. So many times on this trip, we felt that we had reached the end of the line on this planet. This is a place of midnight sun in the summer and total darkness in the winter–a place for soul-searching, introspection, and a place that inspires total gratitude for our Earth.


We stopped for a margarita and some vegan tacos from TacoBarinn back in Reykjavik before hitting the road and heading to our next destination–Hellnar, in the Snaefellsnes peninsula. We got to see a bustling Reykjavik, admire some street art, and make friends with a couple of kitties before waving goodbye to the city and heading for more remote destinations.


The drive to Hellnar took us about two and a half hours–we arrived around 10 p.m. that night. It was our one and only clear night, so I hung my head out the window and admired the sky. We may not have seen the Northern Lights, but I did get to wish upon a shooting star that night.

Stay tuned for more about our trip!


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